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Divemaster Co-ordinator

Lion Fish Koh Tao

Our Divemaster program covers a comprehensive training process that takes diving enthusiasts to the next level. However, the time you spend with us goes beyond just training; it also offers a high-quality, personal experience. Here are some features of our program:


Quality Training:

Our Divemaster program stands out with its rich content prepared in accordance with world standards. Every moment spent with you is carefully planned to ensure you receive the best possible training.


Personal Attention:

Providing you with individual attention and offering tailored solutions to your needs is our priority. As the Divemaster Coordinator,I strive to establish a personal connection with each student to enhance your diving skills to the highest level.


Experience and Success:

As an instructor, we have successfully trained hundreds of Divemaster candidates over the years. With the experiences gained during this process, I commit to providing you with an unforgettable training experience.


Global Job Opportunities:

A Divemaster certification opens doors to a professional diving career in various locations worldwide. Our students have taken pride in continuing their lives as Divemasters in different geographical locations.

Embarking on the Divemaster program signifies both personal development and progress in your diving passion. We are eagerly looking forward to starting this exciting journey with you.


Feel free to contact me for any questions or

further information .I am happy to assist you.

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Whatsapp : +90 533 250 82 36

Mobile : +66 061 173 8207

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