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Discover SCUBA Diving / Try diving

Buddha View Dive Centre offers a Discover SCUBA Diving experience which is the perfect way to try out a bit of diving. This half day experience allows individuals with little or no diving practice to experience the thrill of breathing underwater and exploring the marine world. It's a perfect opportunity for those who are curious about diving but not ready to commit to a certification course.

During a Discover SCUBA Diving session, one of our skilled instructors will guide you through basic diving techniques, safety procedures, and equipment use. You'll have a chance to practice essential skills in shallow water before embarking on an actual dive.

The program

During this half day program you will take your first breaths underwater down to a maximum depth of 12 meters (40 feet). It is an exciting introduction to the incredible underwater world. Be careful though, once you experience breathing under the water for the first time you might become addicted! 


  • No previous diving experience is required however it does help to feel comfortable in the water before starting this course

  • You must be 10 years of age or older 

  • Students must have adequate swimming skills and be in good physical health

  • Any health conditions must be brought to the attention of your dive instructor prior to entering the water.


The half day program consists of a short theory session, practical skills training underwater and one dive. The total price for the Discover SCUBA Diving experience is 2.500 THB. For any additional dive there is a 1.500 THB surcharge. If you want to immortalise this amazing experience and take your memories home with you, you can be accompanied by a professional underwater photographer for only 1.500 THB.

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