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Divemaster Program Schedule
The first day is a dry day starting with an orientation in  the classroom, documents are completed, checked, and a slideshow presentation provides detailed information about the program, what it includes, what is expected from the candidate, and the minimum scores required for each performance. you▶️tube
Following the orientation,
Day 1
Divemaster program begins with the Buoyancy workshop on the first day after the orientation. you▶️tube
Day 2
The Skill Circuit
 in the pool, consisting of 24 skills, begins. The Skill Circuit takes two days; the first day completes 12 skill demonstrations, and candidates continue practicing among themselves in the remaining time. you▶️tube
Day 3
The Skill Circuit continues with the demonstration of the remaining 12 skills and completes. The minimum passing score is 3 out of 5. If a candidate cannot achieve a passing score, the skill is repeated until a minimum of 3 is obtained. 
Day 4
Two Deep Dive scenarios are performed, starting in the morning by boat.  you▶️tube
Day 5
Mapping Project. The candidate maps dive points, combining natural navigation skills with a compass, creating a mini-map of the dive point on a blank slate. you▶️tube

Day 6
Search and Recovery Scenario. Candidates practice search and rescue, knot tying (bowline, Sheet bend, and two Half Hitches), search techniques (U Pattern, Expanding Square), Lift Bag (less than 11 kg), and Jack Stay Search Technique.  you▶️tube
Day 7
There is a Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) Workshop in the pool and in the sea
Day 8
The Reactivate Workshop
Day 9
Underwater Equipment exchange 

Day 10
Assisting in the Open Water Course (3 days) you▶️tube                              

Day 13
Assisting in Continuing Education (2 days Advanced or Rescue Course) 
Day 15
Swimming tests - Towing a tired diver, etc. (Pool or Sea)
Day 16
Discover Local Diving Workshop you▶️tube 
Day 17
Dive Leadership 
Day 18
Advanced Snorkeling Tour Workshop
Day 19
Quick Review Test and Theory are completed, and all documents are finalized to conclude the program.
The program is considered complete when the candidate fulfills all the requirements of the Divemaster program. They must meet the performance requirements in the sections where they are lacking or unable to complete. The program is deemed complete once the performance requirements are satisfied.
If there are any day-off or illness situations, the process can, of course, extend.

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